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By Uche EZe

Call me an armchair analyst if you must, but this doesn’t look like the image of a man who has it together upstairs. Putin is losing his cool and increasingly resorting to cursing and issuing blind threats. Any man who’s so quick to curse and threaten others is not showing strength.

He is a weak and drowning little man indeed. Of course, I detest the shameless sermonizing from America and its western allies.

Their demands for Putin to stop the war is morally deficient and reeks of double-standard to me.

The US and its western allies are guilty of similar horrors and potential war crimes in recent decades. They probably have more innocent blood on their hands than Russia does.

But we are not arguing over moral equivalency here. Innocent Ukrainians are getting killed every second because of Putin’s ill-advised decision to invade. He is the aggressor here, not Ukraine or the West.

He also needs to realize, if he hasn’t already, that Russia can’t win this thing. They lack the economic and political power to win.

Russia’s economy is just a little over $1 trillion. That little size makes it very easy for the West to successfully sanction and isolate them.

Russia’s closest ally – China, has an appreciable $12 trillion economy. But it’s still not a sanction-proof economy, which is why the Chinese are being careful not be seen as helping Putin.

Meanwhile, the US and its western allies control a combined $40 trillion economy.

So, the West no be Russia mate. Sure, Russia is strong militarily, but its military strength is one-dimensional and has always been set up as a disruptive force, not a major player in shaping world affairs.

You can’t have a $1 trillion economy and be a realistic super power. Never. This war in Ukraine has badly exposed Russia as a paper tiger.

The only thing that’s swelling Putin’s head is the oil and the number of nukes he controls.

But he’s not the only one that has oil and nukes. Unless he wants to commit suicide and possibly take the rest of humanity with him, he should tread carefully and stop making silly threats. It’s getting old and tiring.

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