Potential Game Changer, Critical Issues In Nigerian Gas Economy Over 2 Decades

Gas as the Game Changer
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An exclusive interview with the President, Nigerian Gas Association (PNGA), Mrs Audrey Joe-Ezigbo on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the Association.

Q. As the PNGA when the Association turns 20 years, what is your message to all the stakeholders in the industry on this milestone anniversary?

As we mark our 20th Anniversary, one thing that is clear is that the NGA has come of age as the voice of the gas industry in Nigeria. The NGA has grown from a small association of international oil companies and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, to a large organization with membership across the vast gas value chain, from upstream exploration and production, midstream processing and transportation, to downstream distribution, power generation and distribution companies, all the way to end user gas-to-feedstock and gas-to-fuel companies, as well as broad range of industry affiliate members such as legal firms, financial service institutions and the several gas industry professionals who are individual members.

We have made remarkable strides in ensuring a robust engagement and representation of the NGA in all issues relating to the industry, working hard over the last twenty years to ensure the progress of the gas industry with end benefits accruing to our members and the nation at large. We have elevated NGA to the level of a global gas association and chartered member of the International Gas Union (IGU). What this means is that we are recognized by the international coalition of country gas associations and present a formal voice for Nigeria in the global discourse of Natural Gas. We have successfully created cross-border and regional networks and investment opportunities for many of our members and positioned the NGA clearly as the leading gas association in the region.

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