Pirates Hold Three Lebanese In Nigeria

Pirates Hold Three Lebanese In Nigeria
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The Lebanon Ambassador, Hossam Diab, has disclosed, in Abuja, that pirates operating off the coast of Nigeria have allegedly abducted three Lebanese sailors.

Diab informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday that the commercial ship; which went missing somewhere between Nigeria and Cameroon, had been hijacked.

The ambassador disclosed that the pirates had released the ship and two sailors; adding that three Lebanese and five people of other nationalities are still among the hostages being held by the pirates.

The caretaker Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, Charbel Wehbe, had made a series of contacts on Tuesday in efforts to ascertain the fate of the three Lebanese sailors who are currently being held against their will, as reported by 961.com media.

It was gathered that the kidnappers have made contact to demand a ransom. The exact amount which is not verified has not yet been made public.

Attacks by pirates has become rampant off the coast of Nigeria.

Also, in November, NOGSpeed reported that pirates attacked and kidnapped 10 crew members from a ship in the Gulf of Guinea.

The incident took place approximately 52 nautical miles northwest of a Brass oil terminal in Bayelsa.

Among the crew members kidnapped were four Indian seafarers. Other crew members who were taken hostage by the pirates include three Lebanese, two Egyptians; as well as one Cameroonian. However, two crew members from Cameroon have left onboard the vessel by the pirates.

The attacked vessel is managed by Miro Shipping, Tripoli, Lebanon. The ship, a cargo vessel named ‘Milan’ was flagged off from the island of St Kitts.

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