A Harvest Of New Leaderships In Nigeria Oil & Gas


At no one time has the oil and gas industry experienced several change-of-guards in various areas of the sector almost at the same time as it has in the past few months.

The question would be, what does it portend for the overall long-term and short-term interest of the industry. Will it prove the proverbial expectation that a new broom should sweep cleaner?

What is each person bringing to the table of oil and gas value chain? To what extent will they follow the existing plan and process established by their predecessors or will they come with an entirely new pattern, operation, concepts and reforms to drive their own leadership style for their organizations? For those in the public sector, it would seem pretty easy to presume that they would have the freedom to set up entirely fresh platforms and approach to achieve positive results for their organization and impart the industry as is often the case with public concerns, but one may not expect similar unrestricted freedom from those in the purely private, profit- oriented organizations whose leadership, decisions and actions are influenced by seen and unseen business-minded boards who are the investors

and core stakeholders in the business and whose interests are guided by return on investments, goals, growth projections and the like.

Therefore, with the new “chaps” on the block, what should one expect in the light of prevailing business climate in the oil and gas industry? From our research and enquiry, we found out some of the key reasons some were made to ascend the height of the positions they now occupy in their various companies – ranging from inevitable statutory retirement policies, the need for reorganization or repositioning, their clear suitability for the role,

better and more advantageous astuteness and business ability, sharp intelligence, industry knowledge and how it works, higher professional skill sets, a keener understanding of the system, process, and so on. Some of these new industry bosses have already hit the ground running as some are already many months into their new positions and frankly, they all seem quite hot and well suited for the leadership roles they individually are playing for their organizations.

Here are some of their pedigrees and positioning in the oil and gas scheme of things:


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