Ibe Kachikwu – The Oil and gas man of the moment.


As champions are known to emerge mostly at crucial moments in history, NOGSpeed is proud to celebrate some vivacious achievers in the Nigeria energy sector, who made remarkable difference in their areas at a very critical period of turbulence that rocked the Nigeria oil sector from global and local angles with fierce economic impact which the nation still struggles to wriggle out of. Fortunately, NOGSpeed picked out a couple of quiet stars shining bright amid the lingering hurly-burly in the oil and gas industry. An African adage has it that emergency is the time to know a hero.

With the agility and reflexes of a young man, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu seems to take calculated strides characteristic of a man who is unmistakably sure-footed as he lights up every gathering or encounter, commanding a following that can only be infectious. HIs expansive smile and candor not only ignites the room, but also changes the ambience of a tensed room and the mood of his audience from didactic business to a mere conversation among friends, despite the seriousness which he brings upon issues that. to on his face belies the tremendous pressure that goes with the office he occupies. Yet, his incandescent grin signposts the successes he has achieved as This is the person of Nigeria’s Minister of State of Petroleum Resources. Dr. Ibe Kachikwu, our oil and gas man of the moment.

What more can you say of a man who not just bust out of the woodwork, but rather has been around and has traversed several disciplines from law to publishing, to oil and gas and so much more, including fashion?

Today, he sits in charge of Nigeria’s oil economy and drives a reform process that seems to have pured water on troubled waters, having inherited a volatile restive regional agitation that In sheer candour, he praises the can-do and the entrepreneurial spirit of Nigerian youths


A first-class brain and sound mind across all disciplines, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu is a quality product of top universities and institutes including, but not limited to HAVARD UNIVERSITY (1980 – 1982), with S.J.D. (Harvard) where he set best Harvard record for time of completion of Doctoral Programme – One year and 6 months from 1980 to December 1981, HAVARD UNIVERSITY:  CAMBRIDGE, MA Post Graduate: (1979 – 1980) LLM in a Student Population for LLM of 150 from 100 countries in the world where he came out  first  in  Class and took six courses and submitted an LLM THESIS with  5A’s and 1B+ result, excluding an A on his LLM paper. He attended the Nigeria Law School between 1978 – 1979 with an academic performance of First in Class and best graduand.

He won 5 of the available 7 top prizes.

From 1974 to 1978 he attended the University of Nigeria, Nsukka studying Legal & Undergraduate in the Faculty of Law with top 1% academic performance where he graduated Best Student in 1978 with a Second Class Honours (Upper Division).

While at the University, as curricula activity, he was the Editor-in-Chief the Faculty Magazine – THE BARRISTER and Nigerian Law Review.

He attended the Edo College, Benin City, between 1973 – 1974 with an academic performance of 2nd in a Class of 120. He was School Dining Hall/Refectory, Prefect, President of young Christian Students in Mid-Western Region of Nigeria 1973 – 1974 and the Editor-in-Chief “Candid Voice”, St. Pius XTH Grammar School from 1968 to 1972, Onicha- Ugbo, Delta State coming top 2% in performance as well as being the Dormitory Prefect, a Sacristan  and Choir Master at St. Pius House.

His preparatory school was at St. Peter’s Primary School, Ogwashi – Ukwu, Delta State from 1962 to 1967                               

Dr. Kachikwu’s wealth of experience and excellence in service delivery has not gone unnoticed as he has been honoured with numerous awards and prominent recognitions which include an Honorary Citizenship received in October 2018 from the States of Georgia and South Carolina in the United States of America with several fellowships

Overall Dr. Ibe Kachikwu has had very numerous academic excellences with scores of prestigious academic, career and honors.

He has authored so many legal articles and books.

Since becoming the Honorable Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, his stewardship in the oil and gas sector has been simply awesome, despite having met a crisis situation emanating from the Niger Delta. Dr. Kachikwu brought on board management concept aimed at entrenching transparency, integrity and probity in running the Petroleum Ministry and by extension the nation’s Oil and Gas sector. In two short years, this approach translated into significant achievements, include: New Strategy for Funding the Joint Venture Cash Call,

Liberalisation of the Downstream Sector

Niger Delta Security

Successes on the International Energy Front

Launch and Implementation of the Seven (7) Big Wins – The Nigerian Petroleum Roadmap

Despite the foregoing, this star oil and gas man of the moment appears to have only just begun.

With a flair for Literature and Creative writing he has churned innumerable ideas for magazines like Hints, Family, Beauty Box and Complete Fashion magazines.

He is a titled Chief with various influential titles which include Isagba of Ezechime Clan conferred on him by twelve (12) villages in Delta North, Gbadegun of Owo, Owo Kingdom and Odogwu of Onicha-Ugbo.  Dr. Kachikwu is married with children.


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